Each order is handled with extreme care. All lots (except those containing not more than two pieces) will be shipped in separate zip bags, and everything comes nicely organized in a well-fitting box or bubble mailer.

We'll make it sure that your order arrives in perfect condition, even after going through the most extreme tortures in transit and by the authorities.   


Order Processing


We start to process (pick) your order once confirmation of your payment has been received, unless agreed otherwise.

After your order is carefully picked, somebody will re-check the count of the picked items, and someone else will re-check the parts to be sure they are exactly what you ordered. 

This three-part process ensures that orders are as accurate as possible when they leave our facilities.

Unfortunately, as we are humans, even this procedure might leave some space for errors. Should you find anything not perfectly okay in your order please contact us, and we’ll make it right. Also please note that sometimes customs or other authorities might open packages and parts go easily missing this way, too.  




Although we do everything we can to keep up a precise inventory, mistakes happen and sometimes and we’ll not be able to ship you the part or quantity you ordered. In this rare case we’ll offer you a generous voucher towards future purchases in our store. Should you prefer any other kind of settlement such as refund, please contact us and we’ll make it right.




Payment options include all major credit cards via PayPal, IBAN and Bitcoin. If you plan to pay with Bitcoins, please get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a preferable rate.

We expect you to pay an order within three days after invoicing. Please inform us if we should expect any delays.


Dispatch Times


Most of the orders (>98%) will be shipped no later than the very next business day after payment has been cleared. We offer a guarantee for dispatch times according the following rules: 


  • FedEx International Priority shipments are despatched first. If possible, all orders placed and paid by the early afternoon hours (we are GMT+1) will be shipped the same day. All FedEx International Priority shipments are guaranteed to leave our facilities no later than the very next business day after payment has been cleared.

  • Parcel shipments are guaranteed to be shipped within two business days after payment has been cleared.

  • Traditional Priority shipments are collected three times a week; they are guaranteed to be shipped within three business days after payment has been cleared.


Order status will be set to ‘Shipped’ once the shipment has been handed over to the provider.


Customer Service Operating Hours


We appreciate your opinion and happily answer all your questions. Please note that we’ll answer your messages, as quickly as possible, from Monday to Friday between 09:00AM and 05:00PM CET.


Tracking Info


We’ll add the tracking code to your order once it's shipped. You can access this information on your Order Details page. Tracking is available on the respective provider’s page (FedEx, GLS).  


Open Orders


You are welcome to keep an order open for up to two weeks. This measure is required to maintain a precise inventory. 

Please inform us in the order comments if you’d like to keep the order open or if it’s ready to be closed.  


Visit Us In Person


Our warehouse is located in Budapest, Hungary, one minute from the Highway M1/M7. If you happen to be near us, we’d be proud to show you our facilities, and personal pick up of orders is also available.


Commercial Invoice


A copy of the commercial invoice will be attached to your order (unless shipped by Traditional Lettermail). If you need an electronic version of the invoice as well, please contact us. 



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